The Winning Lifestyle - Setting Yourself Up for Success

Mar 15, 2021

Most people think sweepstakes are a magical, luck-of-the-draw novelty… but that’s actually more false than it is true. Just like a regular morning routine -- waking up at your alarm, putting on a pot of coffee, and eating a nutrient-rich breakfast -- sets you up for a productive and stable day, a sweepstakes routine with the right preparation and planning will set you up for more wins. You might be asking, “How do I get started on a sweepstakes routine?” As someone who’s been “sweepstakes-ing” for years, Rachel knows the best tips to keep your wins rolling:

    • Schedule Your Sweeping -- Set aside a dedicated amount of time each day to enter sweepstakes and search for new ones. Since many sweepstakes can be entered daily, maintaining a regular Sweeps Schedule will encourage you to maximize your entry odds before the entry periods close! Think about your day, your usual daily routines, and schedule this time realistically when you have low chances of being sidetracked.


  • Keep a Spreadsheet -- Find a giveaway that looks promising? Enter it into a spreadsheet with separate columns for the Giveaway Name, Sponsor, URL for quick access, entry Start Date, and entry End Date. It’s efficient to keep your daily-entry sweepstakes in one place so you can open the spreadsheet each day and click click click your way through… quick, easy, and organized! (TIP: For even more efficiency, separate them by methods of entry for online, social media, or AMOE -- Alternate Methods of Entry.)
  • Prepare to Succeed -- Don’t forget to keep stock of your sweepstakes supplies! If you are entering by AMOE that include postcards, stamps, or envelopes, be sure you aren’t running low. It can throw a funk in your day if you are writing out postcards and you don’t have enough to complete your daily entries. Also, buying stamps might require a separate trip to the post office and buying postcards online can take extra time out of your day, so make sure you know when you’re due to stock up and write it on a to-do list.



“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Anonymous

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