Hey there, I'm Rachel!

I am a sweepstakes queen and I want to help you become a sweeper overnight! It's not hard, and it's also not based on luck! There's a proven path to winning sweepstakes and I'm here to show you how! 

Hey, I'm Rachel and My Mission Is To Help You Learn The World Of Sweepstakes!

I've been winning in sweepstakes for the past 8 years. My methods prove to be effective as they have allowed me to win various prizes like: checks, appliances, gift cards, trips, sporting events and concert tickets, VIP experiences, shopping sprees, and more.

But here's the thing...I didn't just get lucky or "have what it takes". I found something I loved and built a proven path for you to follow and fall in love with sweepstakes too!

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"This year has been good to my husband and I! In Feb I won a home gym that was awarded as $8700 in Visa GCs. I also won $500 for myself and $5000 for a local Latino small business, $10000 cash, and a $32,400 3 night, 4 day trip to San Diego for 12 for a fantasy football draft party that includes $9500 for taxes. The last two were won within a week from one another and I also won a $100 gc, $50 gc, and $10 uber credit in the same week. There's been a bunch of smaller valued prizes as well throughout the year.
If you want to get into sweeping but dont want to spend the hours, days, weeks, months it takes to self learn the tricks and the most efficient ways of doing it, take Rachel's course!!!"

Amber W.

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Get my self-study course for all you need to become a sweepstakes queen THIS WEEKEND! I'm serious, it's that easy to get started!

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Become one of my private clients and get a hands on approach to learning sweepstakes!

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The tips in this Sweepstakes Beginners Guide were the start of what totally changed my life, and I can’t wait to pass them onto you.

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Two Months In And Already $1000+ "I can’t recommend the Sweepstakes Masterclass enough! I was a little nervous about the upfront cost, but this course is worth every cent you put into it. I’ve only been doing this for about 2 months, and I’ve already won over $1000 in cash and prizes!! If you follow Rachel’s method, and are willing to put in the time, it definitely pays off. My husband has even become a believer, and gets excited to find out what I’ve won! As a stay at home mom, it’s something I can do while at home with my kids, and it feels so good to be contributing to my family! Also, Rachel is wonderful, and always there to answer questions, and help her sweepers in any way she can! So if you’ve been on the fence, definitely go for it!" 

Jennifer B.

5 Fun Facts About Me...

I’m a work-from-home mama with a toddler! 

He is my life, and while it's hard to find that work/life balance (I know I'm not alone in that!), he brings me so much joy & knowing that I want to take great care of him, I pursue success and greatness with my side hustle!

I’m an online influencer who LOVES Instagram

Want to follow along with my daily life as a woman, mom, wife, and entrepreneur? Follow me on IG @rachelmarietravis!

I’m a content creator & travel enthusiast (my favorite trips are the FREE ones *wink*)

Thankfully I win my trips so budget isn't a problem!

I love to sing!

I've been on stages singing to audiences of various sizes ranging from 30 to 70,000+ since I was 6 years old!

I love to have FUN!!!

Sharing my sweepstakes wins & experiences with friends and family brings me such joy, and it's what keeps me going!

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