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  • You've seen sweepstakes online and in grocery stores, but for one reason or another, you have never entered...
  • You've tried entering sweepstakes but can't figure out how!
  • Or perhaps you've heard stories of others having success, but don't believe you could...
  • You have gotten overwhelmed because it seems too hard to figure out which sweepstakes to enter...
  • You can't count the number of times you've said to yourself, "Does anyone actually win?!"
  • There has to be a right way to play sweepstakes, but HOW?!

If you're looking for a proven system to enter sweepstakes like a pro, this is for you!

I was spending 8-10 hours a day entering sweepstakes...and then I discovered how to enter the best sweepstakes, fast and without missing chances to win! Now I want to teach you!

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First, let's debunk the 3 most common myths about sweepstakes and contests:

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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Sweepstakes Success!

A course created to help you enter the best sweepstakes, faster.


  • What The Experts Are Doing
    Discover the techniques and methods that expert Sweepers use to find and enter all the best sweepstakes.
  • How To Save Time By Only Entering The Best Sweepstakes
    Knowing how to "play by the rules" helps stop wasting time entering bad sweepstakes so you can be successful
  • All The Secrets Of The Best Sweepers
    Expert Sweeper Rachel Travis teaches her proven methods and formulas for successful Sweeping
  • How To Be Efficient With Entering
    Don't get burned out from spending too much time entering!  Only enter the best sweepstakes!
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Introducing Your Sweepstakes Masterclass Coach


Many people seek Rachel's sweepstakes advice because she's won over $400K in cash prizes and learned all the ins & outs of sweepstakes over the past 8 years! Rachel is SO excited to help you learn, too!

Some of the favorite things Rachel has received from sweepstakes include: checks, gift cards, appliances, trips, grills, electronics, concert tickets, sporting events, baby and kid items, VIP experiences, shopping sprees, and more.

Rachel started entering sweepstakes because she wanted more freedom and excitement in her life. She was looking for a change and found it in the world of sweepstakes and giveaways.

Don't Go At It Alone...

Rachel's course lays out a plan for you to enter sweepstakes the RIGHT way, and find success! 

She started from scratch and is committed to help others learn so you don't have to go through the hassle of figuring it all out on your own.
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What's included in your Sweepstakes Masterclass?

  • What are sweepstakes (+ how to spot a scam)
  • 5 steps to get started
  • Spotting the right sweepstakes
  • Learning and understanding the rules
  • How to prioritize and stay organized

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