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Hi! Rachel here - your friendly neighborhood scam patrol. 


The scammers are out in DROVES this year, and I want to help you spot them so you don’t fall for their tricks. So here we go: 5 tips for spotting a scammer. 


  1. If the account reaching out to you isn’t the organization’s official account, you’re being scammed. Check their usernames. If you get a message on instagram telling you you’ve won, do a double take: take 2 minutes to confirm that the account is actually the one conducting the official giveaway. Scammers often create copycat accounts with minor misspellings in the username to try and get you to give them your information. Those 2 minutes of confirmation will save you a world of hurt. 
  2. If an account asks for your credit card information, you’re most likely being scammed. Never “Click this link to claim your win!” - if a link prompts you to enter credit card information, you should pause. This isn’t the norm. 

  3. If you’re being told you won something you don’t remember entering a contest for… you didn’t get lucky, you’re getting scammed. Leave that message alone.

  4. If there are a lot of misspelled words and/or poor grammar in your “Congratulations!” message or the offer, you’re being scammed (thank your English teacher and then move on!)...
  5. If you’re being sent a “friend request” from the account before being sent a message about winning - you’re being scammed. Verified sweepstakes will not require a page to friend you, instead the page itself will message you. 


Happy winning friends - be careful out there! 


Your friend, 


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