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Are You "Unlucky"?

If you've been entering sweepstakes and haven't seen the results you'd like... you might start to worry that you're just not lucky. Maybe sweepstakes just aren't for you. Are you wondering if sweepstakes are fake? Only for those who can enter 8+ hours a day?
I'd like to propose that this is *definitely* not the case!
The truth is that sweepstakes do work. You've seen the social proof over and over again (and if you need more proof, check out my instagram highlight "WINS" to watch about ALL the things I've won over the years, and successfully taught others how to win).
The secret to being "lucky" winning is a combination of patience, consistency, and a positive attitude partnered with knowing how to find good sweepstakes...
However, it's possible that you are making some mistakes that are reducing your odds of winning a prize. Before you give up on winning, check out my tips below!
If you're ready for the FULL insiders view on how I win, go straight to the Sweepstakes Masterclass where I teach you everything you need to know to start winning!


Have You Given it Enough Time?

If the entry period for the sweepstakes you are entering has not ended, you can't win!  Winning takes patience...and some work!

Are You Being Consistent?

Entering daily, even 30 minutes, can greatly increase your odds.  While you *can* win without this, it's not as likely!  I recommend 1-2 hours a day on sweepstakes...and IF you want to and have more time, there are always plenty more to be found, entered, and won!

Are you checking your spelling?!

Social sweepstakes that require a hashtag are fabulous- IF you're spelling the hashtag correctly.  A sponsor cannot find your entry if the hashtag is not EXACTLY as they specified.  Which would make all your hard work for sad, and "unlucky" :(  Let's triple check our hashtags and keep on the fast track to winning!

Over 50k entries?

If you come across a sweepstakes that has SO MANY entries, take a minute to think about whether your time is best spent on something else - is it a huge prize?  Is it a $5 gift card?  If it's a small prize with TONS of entries, my advice is to pass on the entry and move along!


Still wondering how to be one of the "lucky ones"?

Whether you're brand new to sweepstakes, or a long time pro...the online course I've created is for you! The Sweepstakes Masterclass gives the basics (everything you need to get started), but also updates you on some time saving tips & my favorite ways to find sweepstakes, which can be a game changer for long time sweepers! Check out the course HERE.


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