The Winning Lifestyle - Consistency

Nov 23, 2020

Hi! Rachel here with some free life and sweepstake advice.


Turns out the key to success in most things is consistency. Let me show you what I mean - 


  • Work out regimens only work if you show up consistently
  • You only hold down a job if you keep coming
  • Friendships don’t last if you bank on one “thinking about you!” text a year without follow up


… You get the picture, right?

It’s the same with sweepstakes. Keep showing up everyday, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes increase your chances of winning more than you know, because you can’t win something you don’t enter.

There is balance, this doesn’t have to consume your life - but it can be a meaningful part of it. So let it be and show up. 


You’ve got this.


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