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africa contests giveaway sweepstakes travel trip winning Dec 28, 2020

Have you ever wanted something so bad - that when you finally got it, you were brought to tears?  Are your dreams so big that they scare you?  Do you wonder how you can fulfill these dreams while still meeting your daily obligations?!

That was me when I won a trip to Africa to go on Safari in Tanzania.  I definitely have a wanderlust heart, but this trip was EVERY thing for me!  There were several moments in the trip where it just felt incredibly surreal - and I remember the moment I first spotted lions...YES, REAL lions, in the Serengeti - I was overcome with emotion and tears filled my eyes.  

Who am I to deserve such wonderful experiences? This small town Michigan girl!!  These emotions and feelings are one of the reasons I'm so passionate about sharing this hobby / side hustle with others...

{{{While travel is looking much different right now, I am not giving up hope for trip wins in the future!}}}  

I've won over 50 free vacations, including this African Safari - and if you love to travel like me, this hobby could change your life as it has mine!  

I want to help you build that bridge between that unchecked dream life you put on the shelf… to you living it out starting, well, how about as soon as possible?  Download my free guide for getting started with sweepstakes now!

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